Welcome to the Pottrell genealogy website, the site contains details on the Pottrell family and its closely related branches such as Pottrill, Potterell and Potterill.

In common with every other genealogy project out there the site and its contents are still very much under construction but I hope in time that it will build into a rich source of information on the family, our background, how we lived, on where we came from and our ties to other families.

It's a sad truth that although the family tree contains over 400 individuals, at the current time there are fewer than 10 "blood" Pottrell's alive today. But thanks to this project we have managed to contact many more paternally related branches that were previously unknown, which means there are now over 25 known related individuals alive today.

If you believe you are related in some way or want to contact me for any other reason you can do so via email.

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