Documents > Will relating to Mary Pottrell, dated 28/09/1833

The below will was sourced from National Probate Registry and was proved on 04/08/1835.

Person of interest / Location Details Notes
Hannah Pottrell, Daughter-in-law Executor
John Pottrell, Grandson Executor
Mary Pottrell, Daughter, of Abbington, Cambs Beneficiary of:
· Residual estate, including a yellow bed.
I Mary Pottrell do desire that my daughter Mary Pottrell may have all my furniture livery and china [Illegible] apparell the little ??? his lies which whatever I have she may have this 28th of September 1833 Mary Pottrell I hope at my death if she out live me whereever she may go to live she will keep the yellow bed whatever she thinks proper for her house if ever she should want to live by her self likewise not to part with the best [Illegible] if she can help it but to have it into the Pottrells family March 29 1834

In the Prerogative Court of Canterbury In the Goods of Mary Pottrell late of Abbington in the County of Cambridge Widow deceased Appeared Personally Hannah Pottrell of Furneux Pelham the County of Herford Widow and John Pottrell of the same place farmer and made oath that they knew and were well acquainted with Mary Pottrell late of Abbington aforesaid Widow deceased for some time before and to the time of her death and during such their knowledge of and acquaintance with her have presently over her write and also write and subscribe her name and by that means have become well acquainted with her manner and manner of handwriting and subscription and having now carefully viewed and perused the paperwriting hereunto [Illegible] purporting to be and contain the last Will and Testament with a Codicil of the said deceased. The said beginning thus "I Mary Pottrell do desire that my daughter Mary Pottrell ending thus whatever I have she may have this 28 of september 1833" and thus subscribed me Mary Pottrell" The said Codicil beginning thus "I hope at my death if she outlive me" and ending thus " but to have it into the Pottrells family March 29th 1834" they say they verify and in their conscious believe the whole body serves and contents of the said Will and Codicil beginning and ending as foresaid and also the subscription to the said will to be all of the proper handwriting and subscription of the said Mary Pottrell deceased and of no other person or persons whomsoever Hannah Pottrell John Pottrell The fifth day of May in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty five the said Hannah Pottrell and John Pottrell were duly sworn to the truth of this affidavit in virtue of the commision hereto ammended before me H Soames? vicar of Furneux Pelham [Illegible] this 29th day of July 1835 before me the alteration herein having been first made H Soames vicar of Furneux Pelham Commissioner On the 4th August 1835 admin with the Will and Codicil annexed of the goods chattels and credits of Mary Pottrell late of Abbington in the county of Cambridge Widow deceased was granted to Mary Pottrell Spinster the natural and lawful daughter and sole or universal Legatee named in the said Will having been first sworn by [Illegible] duly to administer No executor.
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