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Overview Family Chronology
Born: 16/1/1922
Died: 1999
Immediate family
Father: Frederick William POTTERELL [P]
Mother: Eleanor Jessie WILLINGALE
Spouse: Eileen Winifred VAUGHAN

Parents Spouse's parents
Father: Frederick William POTTERELL  (1880 - 1950) Father:  
Mother: Eleanor Jessie WILLINGALE  (1885 - 1973) Mother:  
Harold William POTTERELL Eileen Winifred VAUGHAN
Born: 16/1/1922 Born: 15/4/1925
Baptised: Baptised:
Died: 1999 Died: 2004
Buried Buried
Marriage records
Eileen Winifred VAUGHAN
Anna Barbara POTTERELL 1950 - Living
Clive Ronald POTTERELL 1956 - Living
Known siblings Spouse's known siblings
Christian Frederick POTTERELL  (1920 - Unknown)
Harold William POTTERELL  (1922 - 1999, aged 77)
Type Date Event
Birth 16/1/1922 Harold William POTTERELL was born
Death 1999 Harold William POTTERELL died
Death 1950 Frederick William POTTERELL (Father) died
Death 1973 Eleanor Jessie WILLINGALE (Mother) died
Birth 1920 Christian Frederick POTTERELL (Brother) was born
Death 2004 Eileen Winifred VAUGHAN (Wife) died

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