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Overview Family Chronology
Born: 20/6/1957 in London
Immediate family
Father: Maurice Jack POTTRELL
Mother: Doris Margaret Rachel GOODE
Spouse: Susan

Parents Spouse's parents
Father: Maurice Jack POTTRELL  (1916 - 1980) Father:  
Mother: Doris Margaret Rachel GOODE  (Unknown - Unknown) Mother:  
Ronald POTTRELL Susan
Born: 20/6/1957 in London Born:
Baptised: Baptised:
Died: Died:
Buried Buried
Marriage records
No known children
Known siblings Spouse's known siblings
Douglas John POTTRELL  (1954 - Living)
Ronald POTTRELL  (1957 - Living)
Type Date Event
Birth 20/6/1957 Ronald POTTRELL was born
Death 1980 Maurice Jack POTTRELL (Father) died
Birth 15/2/1954 Douglas John POTTRELL (Brother) was born

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