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Overview Family Chronology
Born: 19/12/1955 in Frome, Somerset
Immediate family
Father: William Cyril POTTRELL [P]
Mother: Myrtle Iris WHITTINGTON

Spouse's parents Parents
Father:   Father: William Cyril POTTRELL  (1929 - Living?)
Mother:   Mother: Myrtle Iris WHITTINGTON  (1925 - Living?)
Diana Joyce POTTRELL
Born: Born: 19/12/1955 in Frome, Somerset
Baptised: Baptised:
Died: Died:
Buried Buried
Marriage records
No known marriages
No known children
Spouse's known siblings Known siblings
Bernard Clive POTTRELL  (1951 - Living)
Robert Christopher POTTRELL  (1953 - 1953)
Diana Joyce POTTRELL  (1955 - Living)
Type Date Event
Birth 19/12/1955 Diana Joyce POTTRELL was born
Birth 16/9/1951 Bernard Clive POTTRELL (Brother) was born
Birth 10/4/1953 Robert Christopher POTTRELL (Brother) was born
Death 5/5/1953 Robert Christopher POTTRELL (Brother) died

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