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Overview Family Chronology
Born: 17/11/1835 in Furneux Pelham, Hertfordshire
Baptised: 22/12/1835 in Furneux Pelham, Hertfordshire
Died: 24/11/1913
Buried: 1913 in Goring-by-Sea, Sussex
Immediate family
Father: John POTTRELL [W]
Mother: Ann SMITH [W]
Spouse: Fanny Eliza RAYMENT [W]
Additional details/records
Newspaper clipping Written on 01/01/1851 Location given as Furneux Pelham, Hertfordshire
I believe the Mr. Potterill mentioned in the article must be John Chapman Pottrell, but it could possibly be one of his brothers, Thomas or Edward. I am surprised to read that John Law slept in the Pottrell home "for protection", leaving his "aged wife" alone in his own home.
Photograph Taken c1887 Found in a book containing details about the Puckeridge hunt, c1880 by Stephen Bratt. Image key records John Chapman Pottrell living in Mill House, Furneux Pelham at the time.

Parents Spouse's parents
Father: John POTTRELL  (1803 - 1840) Father: William RAYMENT  (Unknown - Unknown)
Mother: Ann SMITH  (1807 - 1885) Mother: Francis   (Unknown - Unknown)
John Chapman POTTRELL Fanny Eliza RAYMENT
Born: 17/11/1835 in Furneux Pelham, Hertfordshire Born: 1847 in Furneux Pelham, Hertfordshire
Baptised: 22/12/1835 in Furneux Pelham, Hertfordshire Baptised: 14/11/1847 in Furneux Pelham, Hertfordshire
Died: 24/11/1913 Died: 1927
Buried 1913 in Goring-by-Sea, Sussex Buried In Furneux Pelham, Hertfordshire
Marriage records
Fanny Eliza RAYMENT 14 Nov 1868 in Hunsdon, Hertfordshire, England
No known children
Known siblings Spouse's known siblings
Porter POTTRELL  (1831 - 1840, aged 9)
Sarah Ann POTTRELL  (1832 - 1916, aged 84)
Thomas POTTRELL [W]  (1834 - 1885, aged 51)
John Chapman POTTRELL [P]  (1835 - 1913, aged 78)
Edward POTTRELL [W]  (1839 - 1914, aged 75)
Fanny Eliza RAYMENT  (1847 - 1927 [W], aged 80)
Type Date Event
Birth 17/11/1835 John Chapman POTTRELL was born
Baptism 22/12/1835 John Chapman POTTRELL was baptised
Death 24/11/1913 John Chapman POTTRELL died
Burial 1913 John Chapman POTTRELL was buried
Death 26/4/1840 John POTTRELL (Father) died
Death 17/9/1885 Ann SMITH (Mother) died
Burial 4/5/1840 John POTTRELL (Father) was buried
Burial 1885 Ann SMITH (Mother) was buried
Birth 30/10/1831 Porter POTTRELL (Brother) was born
Death 25/11/1840 Porter POTTRELL (Brother) died
Burial 1840 Porter POTTRELL (Brother) was buried
Birth 13/12/1832 Sarah Ann POTTRELL (Sister) was born
Death 23/11/1916 Sarah Ann POTTRELL (Sister) died
Birth 24/3/1834 Thomas POTTRELL (Brother) was born
Death 8/8/1885 Thomas POTTRELL (Brother) died
Burial 1885 Thomas POTTRELL (Brother) was buried
Birth 6/6/1839 Edward POTTRELL (Brother) was born
Death 30/1/1914 Edward POTTRELL (Brother) died
Burial 1914 Edward POTTRELL (Brother) was buried
Death 1927 Fanny Eliza RAYMENT (Wife) died

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