Below is a table of all individuals currently recorded within the tree, please note that causes of death and details of living people have been redacted to preserve privacy. Click on an individual's name to view more details, or click here to display only Pottrell individuals on the site.

Name Born/Baptised Died/Buried
Alan BREWIN Unknown
Albert GILBERT Unknown
Albert POTTRELL 1891
Albert Edward WHITTINGTON 1868
Albert Henry POTTRELL 1893
Albert Lionel POTTRELL 1918
Alexander Harry POTTERELL 1998
Alfred POTTERILL 1850
Alfred POTTRILL 1900
Alice POTTRELL 1867
Alice Emily Unknown
Alice Maud Mary POTTRELL 1889
Allen HURRELL Unknown
Ambrose Bening PERKINS 1763
Ann Unknown
Ann Unknown
Ann Unknown
Ann Unknown
Anna Unknown
Anna Barbara POTTERELL 1950
Ann BROWN 1819
Anne Unknown
Anneliese Otto KLOSE 1919
Anne POTTRELL Unknown
Anne POTTRELL Unknown
Anne RUSH Unknown
Anne THAKE Unknown
Ann FULSTON 1723
Annie POTTRELL 1887
Annie POTTRELL 1897
Annie POTTRILL 1897
Annie Elizabeth POTTRELL 1865
Annie Elizabeth POTTRILL 1898
Ann KING Unknown
Annmarie HEY 1982
Ann PALMER 1806
Ann PALMER Unknown
Ann POTTRELL Unknown
Ann POTTRELL Unknown
Ann SMITH 1807
Anthony John POTTRELL 1981
Arthur N COUSINS 1917
Aubrey George Kinsey POTTRELL 1899
Barbara JENKINSON Unknown
Beatrice POTTRELL 1903
Beatrice May BROOKS 1896
Bernard Clive POTTRELL 1951
Betty Jennifer LINDSELL Unknown
Brian George POTTRELL 1936
Caroline E BOWES Unknown
Caroline Fanny SHUTLER 1905
Catherine Unknown
Catherine Pamela POTTRELL 1965
Charles SINFIELD 1868
Charles Edward SHORTIS 1891
Charles H SPURGEON Unknown
Charlie Rayner POTTRILL 1896
Christian Frederick POTTERELL 1920
Christina Mary POTTRELL 1963
Christine BROWN 1937
Christopher Mark POTTRELL 1985
Clement Parks SMITH 1775
Clive Ronald POTTERELL 1956
Colin A POTTERILL 1942
Collin POTTERILL 1773
Collin POTTERILL 1746
Constance BENTLY 1776
Cyril JENKINSON Unknown
Cyril POTTRELL 1901
Cyril George POTTERILL 1907
Daisy Mary FIELDING 1882
Daphne Beatrice C EDWARDS 1918
David POTTRELL 1678
David POTTRELL 1859
David POTTRILL 1867
David William POTTRELL 1989
Debbie JENKINSON Unknown
Derrick M COUSINS 1924
Diana Joyce POTTRELL 1955
Diana M POTTERELL 1945
DIXON Unknown
Dora Geraldine Pretoria POTTRELL 1901
Doris CHARNOCK 1899
Doris Margaret Rachel GOODE Unknown
Doris Stella POTTERELL 1907
Dorothy Amelia BRIGHT 1901
Dorothy E COUSINS 1923
Douglas John POTTRELL 1954
Douglas Leonard POTTRELL 1920
Earnest Alfred POTTERILL 1901
Earnest Hedley POTTRILL 1906
Edith POTTRELL 1894
Edith POTTRELL 1863
Edith Gertrude POTTS 1897
Edith Mary GRIFFIN 1909
Edward PASS 1873
Edward POTTRELL 1839
Edward POTTRELL Unknown
Edward ROE Unknown
Edward James POTTRILL 1994
Edward Moore LEBAY 1884
Eileen Winifred VAUGHAN 1925
Elaine BEVITT Unknown
Eleanor Jessie WILLINGALE 1885
Eleanor May CHAPMAN 1905
Elinor BIGGWOOD 1698
Elizabeth BEARDSELL 1724
Elizabeth FLACK 1872
Elizabeth KEMP 1763
Elizabeth POTTERILL 1844
Elizabeth POTTERILL 1742
Elizabeth POTTRELL Unknown
Elizabeth POTTRELL 1796
Elizabeth POTTRELL 1871
Elizabeth POTTRELL Unknown
Elizabeth POTTRELL 1844
Elizabeth RAYMENT Unknown
Elizabeth WAKELING Unknown
Ellen GEORGE 1846
Ellen POTTERILL 1850
Elsie Lily CASTLE 1895
Emily Kate ROGERS 1889
Emma LOVEDAY 1841
Emmanuel TRUSSLER 1818
Emma PRESS Unknown
Emma Lucretia POTTERELL 1872
Emma Tryphena POTTRELL 1860
Erica J DEARING Unknown
Eric Aldred COUSINS 1901
Fanny Elizabeth MAY 1878
Fanny Eliza RAYMENT 1847
Florence WOOD 1884
Florence Elizabeth MUSTILL 1874
Francis Unknown
Francis POTTRELL 1715
Frederick COUSINS 1887
Frederick James POTTRELL 1856
Frederick William CASTLE 1863
Frederick William POTTERELL 1880
Frederick William POTTRELL 1885
Gabriel FULSTON 1675
Geoffrey Kinsey POTTRELL 1936
George BEARDSELL Unknown
George COUSINS 1890
George POTTRELL 1889
George POTTRELL 1895
George POTTRELL Unknown
George POTTRELL Unknown
George SPURGEON Unknown
George Edward POTTRILL 1905
Gertrude Joyce POTTRILL 1928
Giles WAKELING Unknown
Grace Unknown
Grace MAIDWELL Unknown
Hannah BULL Unknown
Hannah PORTER 1769
Hannah SAUNDERS Unknown
Harold D YOUNG Unknown
Harold William POTTERELL 1922
Harry JAMES Unknown
Hazel Olive BLANDFORD 1934
Heather POTTRILL 1988
Henry POTTERILL 1854
Henry POTTRELL 1834
Henry POTTRELL 1722
Henry POTTRELL Unknown
Henry POTTRELL 1776
Henry POTTRELL Unknown
Henry POTTRELL Unknown
Henry POTTRELL Unknown
Henry POTTRELL 1686
Herbert William WHITTINGTON 1870
Hilda POTTRELL 1897
Isaac POTTRELL 1689
Isaac POTTRELL 1677
Isaac POTTRELL Unknown
Isaac Tinworth YOUNG Unknown
Jacob POTTRELL 1680
James BROWN Unknown
James COWELL Unknown
James HAMMOND Unknown
James POTTERILL 1713
James POTTERILL 1847
James TRUSSLER 1790
Jamie Robert JACOBS 1887
Jane HAMMOND 1862
Jane LOVEDAY Unknown
Janet Angela HEY 1956
Jessie BROWN Unknown
Jessie Pottrell COUSINS 1896
Jessie Richard POTTRELL 1874
Joan JENKINSON Unknown
Joan Vera POTTRELL 1929
John CLARK Unknown
John DUE Unknown
John DUE Unknown
John JESSOPP 1834
John KEMP Unknown
John MARSH Unknown
John PALMER Unknown
John PORTER 1769
John POTTRELL 1774
John POTTRELL 1755
John POTTRELL 1728
John POTTRELL 1803
John POTTRELL 1822
John POTTRELL 1801
John POTTRELL Unknown
John READ Unknown
John WILLOWS Unknown
John Chapman POTTRELL 1835
John James POTTRILL 1931
John Pottrell JESSOPP 1864
John William WHITTINGTON 1875
John Willows POTTERELL 1882
Jonas KEMP Unknown
Jonathan POTTRELL 1676
Joseph ARNOLD 1811
Joseph POTTERILL 1835
Joseph PRESS Unknown
Joyce A PURKISS 1919
Julia KINSEY 1875
Julia Mary POTTRELL 1938
Junior GREY 1935
Karen J POTTRILL Unknown
Katie Meg POTTERELL 1993
Kevin Andrew POTTERILL 1966
Kezia POTTERILL 1744
KING Unknown
Leonard POTTRELL 1895
Leonard George POTTRELL 1892
Leslie James POTTRILL 1908
Lionel POTTRELL 1892
Lloyd James POTTERILL 1973
Louisa Margaret STARR 1909
Luthur Coote MARTIN 1876
Lydia MARTIN Unknown
Lydia POTTERILL 1839
Mabel COPLAND 1881
Margaret Unknown
Margaret COLLINS Unknown
Margaret ROSE Unknown
Margaret ROW 1815
Margaret Dorothy TIMBRELL 1923
Margaret Olive TRUSSLER 1889
Maria ANSELL 1806
Maria Gladys POTTERELL Unknown
Mark D SIMKINS Unknown
Mary Unknown
Mary Unknown
Mary Unknown
Mary Unknown
Mary Unknown
Mary Unknown
Mary Unknown
Mary BAKER 1783
Mary COWMAN Unknown
Mary GRAY Unknown
Mary HOY 1892
Mary NORMAN 1781
Mary POTTRELL Unknown
Mary POTTRELL Unknown
Mary POTTRELL 1791
Mary POTTRELL 1681
Mary POTTRELL Unknown
Mary POTTRELL 1777
Mary POTTRELL Unknown
Mary RICKARD 1752
Mary ROSE 1869
Mary Ann COUSINS 1899
Mary Ann COWELL 1829
Mary Ann POTTERELL 1870
Mary Ann POTTRELL 1837
Mary Ann POTTRELL 1858
Mary Ann WOOLLEY 1806
Mary Jane LOVEDAY 1864
Maura Patricia SPEED 1957
Maurice Jack POTTRELL 1916
Michael JENKINSON Unknown
Michael George DIPLOCK 1935
Minnie POTTERILL 1905
Muriel Edna BROOKS 1909
Myrtle Iris WHITTINGTON 1925
Naomi ARNOLD 1863
Naomi POTTRELL 1898
Nathaniel GEORGE 1807
Neil J POTTRILL 1960
Nellie Elizabeth PENN 1890
Nicholas POTTRILL 1965
Norma POTTRELL 1946
Oliver RUSH Unknown
Oliver James POTTRILL 1990
Olive Denise PURBRICK 1953
Olive M SHEPHERD 1919
Parker POTTRELL 1892
PATTIN Unknown
Percy COUSINS 1900
Percy GREEN Unknown
Peter William George POTTRELL 1930
Philip HEY 1955
Philip MARTIN Unknown
Phillippa Joyce SHRIVES 1919
Porter POTTRELL 1831
Prudence Unknown
Rachel Beatrice COUSINS 1922
Rachel C WEAVER Unknown
Raymond H POTTRILL 1940
Rebecca ADAMS 1713
Rebecca POTTRELL Unknown
Rebecca POTTRELL 1839
Rebecca POTTRELL 1747
Rebekah POTTRELL 1790
Reginald Archibald WHITTINGTON 1890
Reginald James FORREST 1900
Reginald John POTTRILL 1903
Richard FULSTON Unknown
Richard MORLEY Unknown
Richard POTTERELL 1842
Richard POTTRELL 1752
Richard POTTRELL Unknown
Richard POTTRELL Unknown
Richard George POTTERELL 1875
Robert COLLS 1881
Robert Christopher POTTRELL 1953
Ronald POTTRELL 1957
Samuel HOPKINS Unknown
Samuel WILLINGALE Unknown
Samuel George POTTERILL 1998
Sarah Unknown
Sarah Unknown
Sarah Unknown
Sarah Unknown
Sarah CHINNOCK 1780
Sarah MORLEY 1720
Sarah POTTRELL 1772
Sarah POTTRELL 1798
Sarah POTTRELL 1830
Sarah READ Unknown
Sarah Ann POTTRELL 1832
Sarah Ann STANNIFORTH Unknown
Sarah Ann WILLOWS 1847
Sarah Jane Unknown
Sarah Pottrell JESSOPP 1862
Sharmon PEPPER Unknown
Sidney POTTRELL 1891
Sophia POTTRELL 1846
Steven McDANIEL Unknown
Stewart POTTERELL 1887
Susan Unknown
Susan 1835
Susan EDWARDS 1862
Susan Eliza MATHIAS 1890
Susan Jane POTTRELL 1887
Thomas ARGENT 1841
Thomas BIGGWOOD Unknown
Thomas COWELL Unknown
Thomas FIELDING Unknown
Thomas HILL Unknown
Thomas POTTERILL 1995
Thomas POTTERILL 1863
Thomas POTTERILL 1803
Thomas POTTRELL 1687
Thomas POTTRELL 1831
Thomas POTTRELL 1753
Thomas POTTRELL 1793
Thomas POTTRELL 1719
Thomas POTTRELL 1834
Thomas POTTRELL 1748
Thomas POTTRELL Unknown
Thomas POTTRELL Unknown
Thomas RICKARD 1719
Thomas RUSH Unknown
Thomas RUSH Unknown
Thomas SALSBURY Unknown
Thomas TRUSSLER 1845
Thomas James POTTRILL 2000
Thomas Porter POTTRELL 1797
Thomas Rickard POTTRELL 1773
Timothy J PATRICK Unknown
Tryphena RANNOW 1803
Unknown Unknown
Unknown POTTERELL Unknown
Valerie M POTTERILL 1935
Vernon Paul POTTERILL 1968
Victoria Jane MARSH Unknown
Victor Walter CHANNING Unknown
Walter COUSINS 1893
Walter John BROOKS 1873
Walter John PURBRICK 1918
Walter Lionel POTTRELL 1920
Walter Royal COUSINS 1919
Walter William POTTRELL 1888
Wilfred JENKINSON Unknown
William ARNOLD 1836
William BRICE Unknown
William CHINNOCK 1744
William CHINNOCK 1714
William COUSINS 1857
William COUSINS 1884
William FULSTON 1697
William GEORGE Unknown
William MANSFIELD Unknown
William PALMER Unknown
William PALMER Unknown
William POTTERILL Unknown
William POTTERILL 1841
William POTTRELL 1825
William POTTRELL 1863
William POTTRELL Unknown
William POTTRELL Unknown
William POTTRELL Unknown
William RAYMENT Unknown
William ROW 1771
William SALSBURY Unknown
William SMITH Unknown
William SPENCER Unknown
William THAKE Unknown
William WHITTINGTON Unknown
William WOOLLEY 1780
William YOUNG Unknown
William Alfred POTTERELL 1877
William Cyril POTTRELL 1929
William David POTTRILL 1902
William D POTTERILL 1903
William Ernest WHITTINGTON 1890
William George WHITTINGTON Unknown
William John POTTRELL 1854
Winifred Katie BARRETT 1916
Winifred Violet Hortentia POTTRILL 1914
Yvonne C PEARCE Unknown
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